The Town of Mansfield and the Mansfield Schools are completing a comprehensive process to redesign our core websites to meet the expectations of residents, parents, businesses, visitors, and staff to access and interact with municipal and school district resources online. This process includes four core components:

Stakeholder Input & Research

  • Community Surveys & Feedback
  • Citizen and Staff User-Testing Cycles
  • Public Design Option Reveals
  • 15 Member Steering Committee
  • Review Current Sites’ Statistics & Pages
  • Research Best Practices
  • Visit other Town/School Websites


  • Robust & Cloud-Based Hosting
  • Efficient for Staff to Update Content
  • Distributed Content Management
  • Backend Website Security
  • Open-Source & Proprietary Coding
  • Integrate with other Software Systems
  • Reliable & Stable 24/7 Access

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Design & Usability

  • Integrate with Town/Schools’ Branding Initiative
  • User Friendly (intuitive, not “jargon dependent”, quick)
  • Thoughtful Content & Navigation Structures
  • Mobile Friendly & Compatible with All Devices
  • Accessibility Features (visual, read aloud, translate, etc.)
  • Attractive and Modern Design Interface
  • Multimedia (images, audio, video)


  • Collaborate with Departments on Content
  • Test & Revise to Resolve any Issues/Bugs
  • Upfront & Ongoing Training/Support of Staff
  • Promote with all Members of the Community
  • Maintain Consistent Style Standards
  • Ongoing Content Review & Updating
  • Continue to Seek Input & Revise as Needed

What is Happening?

Overview of the website redesign process.

Why is it Important?

Rationale for the website redesign initiative.

Can I Give Input?

We need your input to shape the redesign process.

What is the Status?

Updates on the process and previews of the work in progress.

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