Yes! We need your input to shape the redesign of the Town and School websites.

We have gathered some input already, but there is more to come!

In addition to the above survey we will have additional input opportunities as well. A couple of important ones coming up include:

  • In early June, we will be posting sample design previews to collect design input.
  • In early July, we will be posting a fully function beta website to collect functionality and content input.

Stakeholder input is a core part of this process and includes components such as Community Surveys & Feedback, Citizen and Staff User-Testing Cycles, Public Design Option Reveals, and a 15 Member Steering Committee.

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What is Happening?

An overview of the website redesign process.

Why is it Important?

Rationale for the website redesign initiative.

Can I Give Input?

We need your input to shape the redesign process.

What is the Status?

Updates on the process and previews of the work in progress.

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